About Us

Agricultural Missions, Inc. (AMI)

is an independent ecumenical organization that has been in existence since 1934.

AMI was formed for the specific purposes of supporting rural peoples in their struggles to achieve justice, better lives and communities, and to educate its North American constituency and general public on issues of importance to the rural peoples in the United States and other countries. Throughout the decades, our strategies, methodologies and activities have been tailored to respond to changes in global social, economic and political realities. Our commitment to the accompaniment of rural peoples has been AMI’s constant and consistent purpose. Learn more about the foundational document that centered AMI's call to liberation in rural communities.


AMI’s programming is domestic and international, in North America and developing nations, respectively. Domestically, in North America, AMI’s education and advocacy program has informed community based constituencies and the general public about the realities faced by rural peoples in the developing world. Through use of experiential education and advocacy methods such as study tours, on site consultations, and speaking engagements by farmers and community development workers from developing countries we have built and vetted extensive global rural networks and linked North American constituencies to advocacy campaigns in accompaniment of poor communities in the US and developing world.

Our Mission

To support people of all faiths and spiritual consciousness around the world in the struggle to end the poverty and injustice that affect rural communities and work towards the creation of a peaceful and sustainable community.