Urgent Action - Sole Witness to the Assassination of Berta Cáceres in Danger

Gustavo Castro and Berta Caceres

Gustavo Castro Soto, Mexican national from Chiapas, and long standing colleague of Berta Cáceres in the Meso-american struggles against megaprojects, is still being held as of Saturday by the Honduran officials.  As sole eye witness to the crime, his life is in danger.   COPINH leader Aureliano Molina is also being held.  The authorities are desperate to blame someone from COPINH or their allies for the death of Berta, concocting ridiculous hypotheses that Berta's assassination was a "robbery" or "crime of passion".  Read the action alert from Other Worlds has posted, to call, email or fax the Honduran Ambassador to the U.S. and the US Ambassador to Honduras, for the release and safe return of Gustavo to Mexico. 


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